There are currently over 250 stakeholders from across Colorado participating in CSSI meetings. CSSI participants include educators, school and district leaders, students, parents, mental and behavioral health experts, security experts and school resource officers, school nurses, school counselors, state officials, community leaders, business owners and others.

CSSI’s work is guided by the input of the CSSI Steering Committee who volunteer their time and expertise. 

CSSI Steering Committee members in 2023:

Berrick Abramson

President, Confluence PSG

Sandy Austin

Executive Director, BIONIC

Amie Baca-Oehlert

President, Colorado Education Association (CEA)

Beau Cambpell

School Resource Officer, Clear Creek School District

Yunuen Cisneros


Finessa Ferrell

Social Emotional Learning Specialist, CEI

Michele Forstot-Nadel, Psy.D

Licensed Psychologist​

Chris Gdowski​

Superintendent, Adams 12 School District​

Chris Harms​

Director, CO Office of School Safety

Jana Locke​

Deputy, Executive Director, CO Department of Public Safety​

Wendy Loloff Cooper​

CEO, Generation Schools​

Karla Loria​

Superintendent, Adams 14 School District​

Chris Meyer​

Sr. Advisor for Children, Youth & Families, CO Behavioral Health Administration​

Bret Miles​

Executive Director, CO Association of School Executives​

Christina Monaco​

Executive Director, Field Services, CO Department of Education​

Michelle Murphy​

Executive Director, CO Rural School Alliance​

Andrea Pulskamp

Health & Safety Implementation Coordinator, CO Department of Education

Frank Reeves​

Fmr Superintendent, CO Rural Alliance / PEBC​

Sue Sava

President & CEO, PEBC

Dan Schaller​

President, CO League of Charter Schools​

Alissa Skinner​

Senior Vice President, Alpine Bank​

The Safer Schools Initiative was created to address the full spectrum of levers & issues affecting school safety.