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Our State Programs, Regional Coalitions and Local Support drive meaningful change because of the participation of an incredibly passionate and diverse group of stakeholders that reflect the needs, values and perspectives of their communities.

This work is made possible through a combination of state legislative action and appropriations, funds directed by Governors and district leaders and the generous support of the philanthropic community.

If you are a state or district leader interested in establishing a state working group or regional coalition, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your vision and to share our experience.

If you are an educator, parent or community member, we would be equally happy to talk about strategies to organize efforts in your community or state.

Local and national philanthropic organizations and foundations are critical to this work. We are always appreciative of opportunities to discuss your organization’s priorities or interests and to explore how we may be able to partner to support efforts in your state or region.

Please contact us to discuss how we can collaborate!

The Safer Schools Initiative was created to address the full spectrum of levers & issues affecting school safety.